Java Platform

The Java platform consists of the the Java language, platforms and a set of its associated APIs(Application Programming Interface).

Java JDK(Java Development Kit)

Is the set of software and tools that enables running and compiling Java applications. There are various versions of the JDK :

1. Java SE(Standard Edition)
2. Java ME(Micro Edition)
3. Java EE(Enterprise Edition)
4. JavaFX
5. Java Card

Java SE(Standard Edition)

When most people think of Java programming language, they think of the Java SE API. It provides the core functionality of the Java programming language.

It provides the core data types and the following libraries :

Networking libraries
Security libraries
Database Access libraries
Graphical User Interface libraries
XML Parsing and more

Also consists of the following :

Virtual Machine
Development Tools
Deployment Tools

Java ME(Micro Edition)

Provides an environment for applications running on embedded and mobile devices in the Internet of Things(iOT) such as micro-controllers, sensors, mobile phones, personal digital assistants and more.

Java EE(Enterprise Edition)

Its built on top of the Java EE. It provides an API and runtime environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-tiered, scalable, reliable, and secure network applications.


Is a platform for creating rich internet applications using a lightweight user-interface API. JavaFX applications may be clients of Java EE platform applications.

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