Downloading an IDE - IntelliJ IDEA

There are several Java IDEs but in this course we will be use InteliJ IDEA. If you have an IDEA you want to use please go ahead, the code will still be the same.

There are two versions of InteliJ IDEA. We will use the Community version which is free. Download IntelliJ IDEA

Why Use IntelliJ IDEA?

Here are the reasons we are going to use IntelliJ instead of the other IDEs.

  1. Android Studio. Since our aim is to end up writing Android apps, Android Studio IDE is based on the IntelliJ platform.
  2. Auto-complete. IntelliJ have a smart-code completion and its extremely fast. The IDE will anticipate what you need to type most of the times.
  3. Code-assistance. If you make a mistake, a red light bulb shows up in the IDE and offers suggestions. A yellow one for improvements and warnings.
  4. Auto-import. IntelliJ have a feature that automatically imports the packages you need. No need to remember in which package the class belongs to.
  5. Refactoring. You can easily re-factor your code.
  6. Gradle. IntelliJ have good support for the Gradle build system. We can add libraries from Maven in a couple of clicks.

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