Why Should i Learn Java Now?

They are many other languages to choose from when deciding on which language to learn. Let's see how Java fairs with other programming languages.

Tiobe Programming Community Index

Java is currently the number one programming language according to the Tiobe Index. It has held the number one positional several times since 2002.

This report is from PYPL(Popularity of Programming Language). Java have held the top position since 2005.

StackOverflow Programming Questions By Tags

Java holds the number two positions based on the number of questions tagged on StackOverflow after JavaScript. Android is on the fourth position. Since Android is based on Java, we clearly see that Java tops the chart.

Java was the most popular technology in 2013 after SQL and JavaScript. SQL is not a programming language, most Java developers write code to interact with an SQL database.

The most popular coding languages from CodeeEval from 2015 shows Java is second most popular language after Python.

So Why Learn Java?

There's a reason why Java is the most popular language among developers. Here are my reasons why you should learn Java :

  1. Vibrant community. Java have a huge community as shown by the number of questions tagged on StackOverflow.
  2. Salary. Java developers are in demand and enjoy great salaries. Java is used at top companies such as Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Oracle, IBM and many more.
  3. Libraries. There's almost a Java library for anything. You won't have to re-invent the wheel, most of the things you will need to do, someone have already wrote a library for it.
  4. Tooling. Java have one of the best tooling support. There are a lot of IDEs and tools dedicated for Java development to choose from.
  5. Easy. Java is easy to learn than C or C++. This is one of the reasons why Java was invented. Once you know Java you easily learn any other modern programming language.
  6. Android. Java is the native programming language for developing Android apps. You know Java, you are a few steps away from developing Android mobile apps.
  7. Mature. Java is a mature language and changes less frequently. Once you know Java you don't have to re-learn it. See its history here.

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